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You have to say that when you're like a big brother. ;)

I don’t have to say anything. :P

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That is PERFECT. I can't wait to take pictures with you. You're going to look better than I will.

Oh, I highly doubt that, Bitey. Your beauty is hard to compete with. You’re going to be the light of the party and you know it.

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Well, even you couldn't make me cry. ;P I might have something lacy with long sleeves. What about that? It's black, very slimming for those broad shoulders. ;)

Don’t challenge me, Bitey. >:P Ooo. Lacy. I like it. But in all honesty, would this be okay? Its been collecting dust in my closet for a very long time and I haven’t had a reason to wear it yet.

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Heh. He has magic fingers...hands, lips. ;) Thank you, Alex. That really means a lot. You also deserve happiness. Hmm, I might have one in my closet that would go great with your blue eyes. How do you feel about strapless and formfitting?

Oh, does he now? He better take care of you. If I find out you cry once because of him, you just let me know and we’ll have a little chat, okay? No one makes my little sis cry, besides me. XP 

I don’t know, do you think strapless would look good? My shoulders might be a little too broad.

bitinganon sent:
Well, Eli and I are going to get married... I don't know when. He just asked me. My life is so different, Alex. I'm so in love with him. It's not perfect, you know? But, he is. Anyways, I wanted to know if you would be in my bridal party. If you say yes, I'll pick you out a very sexy dress. ;)

Wow! Someone finally tamed Bitey?! That, that takes some talent. I can’t wait to meet the lucky man. I’m glad to hear that things are working out well for you and that you’re happy. You deserve happiness more than anyone. I would love to come to your bridal shower. And about that dress, you better make sure it makes my eyes pop.

bitinganon sent:
I know it has been so long since we have talked. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch. I have some great news, and I have something to ask you...

That’s all right, Bitey. I haven’t really spoke to anyone in quiet some time myself so don’t you worry your pretty face about it. What would you like to ask me? I’m all ears.


Alrighty. This account has officially been passed off to Adrienne. This is my last peace out. If you want to contact me or whatever, this is my personal.

Thanks for the fun. lovelys.

-Kel ♥

Meh, Nevermind. I’m not going through all of that. Maybe, if Adrienne wants, I’ll give her the email and password and she can have this account.

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Will I go back to getting occasional anon love? /caitlin creeps

More than likely, not. I’m sorry. I just don’t want to RP as Alex anymore. Don’t really want to be a sexual blog actually. Haha Not saying that there’s no inspiration to, cause that’s not true. Lol Just don’t want to anymore.

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